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Come writers and critics/Who prophesize with your pen

25 April 1987
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There isn't a single thing I could write here to define me, so I'll let others do it instead:

"Kolina is the greatest human being alive. Ever."

"Kolina is epic. More epic than you."
"Kolina is a sexy minx and she will eat you."
"Kolina is a wonderful woman and you fail if you aren't friends with her."

"20% more dorkface than your average blogger" :D

"Kolina is the espresso in my cafetière and the jam in my doughnut. She cannot be willingly bought or sold."

"Kolina is my friend"

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by oddhobbits :D

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Yes, I am aware that I have two of these. No, I do not care.
By robes_of_earth


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